The skills, capabilities and high quality workmanship present in the UK’s engineering and manufacturing supply chains is being given a new showcase. The Engineering Supply Chain Show (ESC) has been launched with express aim of boosting trade opportunities for this national manufacturing asset.

The ESC Show, which is where engineering and manufacturing buyers can go to find world-class suppliers, exclusively in the UK engineering and manufacturing supply chain, is being co-located in a dedicated hall alongside MACH 2024, the UK’s national show for engineering-based manufacturing, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham between 15-19th April 2024. The three-day ESC Show will take place from 16-18th April.

The ESC Show is promoted by the Engineering Industries Association (EIA), a cluster member of the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA). The EIA is dedicated to raising the profile of the supply chain to boost opportunities for the companies that operate within it.

By exhibiting at the ESC show, companies can showcase their capabilities to the engineering and manufacturing community. It is dedicated to buyers looking to source precision sub-contracting products and services from high-quality UK-based suppliers.

The ESC show will be the only co-located exhibition alongside MACH 2024 and will have direct access to the 26,000 attendees that visit the UK’s national show. One visitor badge provides access to both events.

Organised by the industry, for the industry, the ESC Show launches as part of the MTA’s commitment to support the UK’s aspiration to be a global leader in advanced and digital manufacturing. The event is designed to create new business opportunities in the engineering based manufacturing sector.

James Selka DL, Chief Executive Officer at the MTA, explains: “Since bringing the EIA on board as part of the MTA family in 2021, we have continued to shine a spotlight on the UK engineering supply chain, hosting a well-received show-within-a-show at MACH 2022. Now in a dedicated hall alongside MACH 2024, ESC 2024 is the ideal place for world-class subcontractors and supply chain engineering companies to generate business leads from new customers. With more and more reshoring taking place, the ESC show is the destination for the UK manufacturing community, seeking to shorten their supply chain by sourcing more domestic content.”

James Selka continues; “The circle is complete with MACH, the UK’s national event for showcasing manufacturing technology and the Engineering Supply Chain Show where engineering and manufacturing buyers can find precision subcontract and supply chain companies with capacity. The new cluster will work together to deliver for UK PLC in an ever changing world that demands increasingly complex solutions.”

Karen Finegold, Head of EIA, commented; “The EIA is committed to the Engineering Supply Chain show. The benefit to UK PLC, assisting in the reshoring of precision sub-contracting products and services, is huge and confirms the EIA’s commitment to building a long-term engineering and manufacturing community. In addition, members of the EIA receive a discount for exhibiting in the Engineering Supply Chain show, further encouraging and supporting participation.

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